Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Taming the Mane - Aussie and Fudge Urban

Taming the mane is a daily hassle, sometimes I wish I could just cut it all off, but I know that I’d secretly die a little bit inside.  So, instead, it’s all about working with what you’ve got. I have fairly thick, wavy hair that definitely needs a little bit of care and attention after being washed, otherwise it just turns into a frizzy mess.

Styling wise, I tend to either blow dry it straight or blast it with the hairdryer and then curl it. I also caved into the hair trend and had to get some ombre in my life. So now you have the low down on my hair type, we can get into the products that I use to tame it.  

Firstly, after washing my hair, I use the Aussie MiracleHair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner (a saviour for weak, distressed hair). I’d love to say I purchased this for a great reason however, like ALL of the Aussie products I purchased it because of the AMAZING scent (seriously, you need to go and give it a whiff). Other than that, it does do a great job of detangling any knots in my hair and making it a whole lot easier to brush through.  It’s also amazingly affordable and you can currently snap in up for £4.49. BARGAIN!

Next, I take a big dollop of the Fudge UrbanIced Raspberry & Vanilla Styling Mousse and run this through my towel dried hair, making sure to give it an extra massage near the scalp to add volume. Again, this smells amazing and offers heat protection. This mousse isn’t strong, but for me that’s perfect. I hate the feel and look of sticky products that leave the hair feeling crispy. This beauty adds more of a natural hold and volume to the hair. This could also be used on dry hair to tame any fly aways and more importantly, it does not make my hair greasy.

After blow drying and styling my hair, I finish off my routine with the FudgeUrban Instant Smoothie Post Hot Iron Smoothing Spray.  Without sounding repetitive, this is another product with an amazing smell, but this one in particular smells just like holidays (yay!). I love this product to tame any fly aways and add a lovely smooth, shiny finish to the hair. If you’re still not sure, the packaging is pretty amazing and both the moose and the smoothing spray are really well priced and currently on offer for under £5.00!

Have you ever tried any of the Aussie or Fudge products? If so, let me know your thoughts and if you think they smell amazing too!

Jade x

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