Friday, 28 August 2015

Balance Active Formula - Youth Serum, Hyaluronic Moisturiser and Stop Puffy Eyes Gel

I recently stumbled across the Balance Active Formula range whilst browsing the internet and reading reviews on many new beauty products. These products stood out as they seemed to be targeted towards some of the issues I was having with my skin. Surprisingly, the price tag was beyond affordable (I purchased 3 of the products and spent just over £6 at my local Savers store).

I picked up the Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic 554 YouthSerum, the Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Moisturiser and the Balance Active Formula Stop Puffy Eyes Eye Gel. The three products can be used within one skincare routine or, as sold in bundles on their website, can be mixed and matched with other products in their range.

After cleansing my face, I start the regime with the serum. This serum comes with a pipette style applicator so you can control how much or how little you need. I usually use 5 drops in the morning and a whole pipette in the evening. The serum is very watery (I almost thought it was water) so can go everywhere if you’re not careful. It does feel nice on the skin, has little to no smell and sinks into the skin really quickly. The product claims to be a;

lightweight and non-greasy serum, containing Syn-Ake, a snake venom-like peptide that reduces expression lines, and active levels of Hylasome EG10 for visibly younger looking skin that is perfectly hydrated and smoothed. 

I do agree that the serum is lightweight and non-greasy and my skin definitely feels smoother after using it. I don’t believe I have been using it long enough to notice any difference in expression lines or younger looking skin, though I’m always sceptical about those claims anyway. It does say it leaves your skin perfectly hydrated, which I’m not sure I feel is quite accurate (for me anyway). I tend to feel a tightness to the skin after use, almost as though I want to slather a tub of moisturiser on my face to combat it. However, throughout the day this feeling does subside and my skin feels more hydrated.

After the serum, I apply the Balance Active Formula Hyaluronic Moisturiser, which as just mentioned I do feel the skin needs after applying the serum. The moisturiser claims to be a day and night cream (bargain 2 for 1 deal), which gives a more radiant look, evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The moisturiser is lovely and hydrating but definitely not greasy. Much like the serum it sinks quickly into the skin and has a slight scent to it, which I quite like. Again, I don’t feel as though I can comment too much on the ‘wrinkle’ claims, but I do feel I end up with a more radiant complexion after use and I do feel as though my sensitive skin is looking a lot better in terms of redness and breakouts.

As a final step, I use the Stop Puffy Eyes Eye Gel. This is another product that can be used morning and night and one which claims to reduce eye puffiness, moisturise and revive the under eye area and refresh and cool. My eye cream journey seems to be a little hit and miss as I have never found one that seems to do anything for me and this seems to be another one to add to the list. It’s just one of those MEH products. It’s quite a nice thick gel consistency and sinks in quickly and it doesn’t irritate the eye area, but other than that I haven’t been bowled over by any instant change in appearance.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with the products and the effect they have had on my skin

considering the very affordable price tag. I will continue to try out the serum and eye cream to see if I do fall in love with them after all. The moisturiser is lovely and I’ll definitely finish the tube. Overall I’d say give it a go, for the cost; you really don’t have anything to lose.

Have you tried any of the Balance Formula products? If so get in touch and let me know what you think.

Jade x 


  1. I haven't seen this brand before. It is really cheap and I guess you weren't expecting much when you got it anyway. Moisturiser sounds good, it seems to be the best one x

  2. I haven't tried anything from this brand but I think I'll have to do some investigating into it!
    xx Aimee /

  3. I haven't tried Balance products yet, but I definitely want to!